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I created SHARP dance collective with the mission to merge arts activism with immersive dance theater in unconventional spaces; the local flea market, libraries, and dive bars to name a few. Using dance as a vehicle for social and political change, SHARP dance collective engages communities by inviting them into the work and offering a feminist perspective on current societal issues.


Equipped with pop songs, birthday cake, foam fingers, the occasional disco ball, and other evocative elements, I share stories in an often bizarre and whimsical world- an alternate reality where feeling unsettled is disturbingly comfortable. These stories are illustrated by personal narratives that deal with grief, isolation, playfulness, and curiosity all cloaked in humor and wit. The campy aesthetic of my work is punctuated by play with expectation, duration, and location.


Site-specific and immersive environments open up dance to an otherwise untapped audience; people that may not have financial access to theater shows, friends walking through the park, or co-workers stumbling into a bar for happy hour. SHARP dance collective reaches diverse (and sometimes unsuspecting) audiences that may not know they are consuming art, but walk away feeling connected by a shared encounter.




AJ Sharp is a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator originally from Michigan. She has an impressive educational background, holding an MFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach with Dean's List Recognition.


During her time at CSULB, AJ taught Introduction to Modern dance to undergraduate students. She is also a graduate of Oakland University, where she earned a BFA in Dance.

During her 8 years in New York City, AJ Sharp worked with various artists and dance companies, including Alexandra Beller, The Creators Collective, Cora Dance, The Equus Projects, The Physical Plant, Tamika Daniels, Take Root Dance, and The Median Movement. In 2015, she had the honor of being selected for Doug Varone's Choreography Intensive, where she was mentored by Doug Varone himself and premiered a new dance piece at the prestigious 92nd Street Y.

In 2014, AJ founded SHARP dance collective, which has presented its works at various venues, including Triskelion Arts, TADA Youth Theatre, Bogart Gallery, LIC Arts, Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Ballet, Spoke the Hub, Mark Morris Dance Theater, as well as unconventional locations.


Notably, SHARP dance collective served as the Guest Artist in Residence at Oakland University in 2019, and AJ's choreography was selected for the American College Dance Association, demonstrating her impact and recognition in the world of dance

AJ Sharp is passionate about teaching, performing, and creating in the field of dance, and she looks forward to continuing her journey in California.

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